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DMC United Arab Emirates

Arabian Explorers
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Incoming Agency Arabian Explorers

Dubai – an emirate right out of a modern fairy-tale where tradition and luxury are not polar opposites. The silence and loneliness of the desert contrasts with modern life and an even more modern design in the city. Exciting off road tours across scant mountain areas invite the visitor to come and relax and unwind with a dinner in a luxurious yacht.

Our partner DMC Dubai, Arabian Explorers, can be counted among today's leading incoming agencies/DMCs. The agency is mostly active in the group and FIT segment (offering SIC as well). Arabian Explorers is a dynamic Destination Management Company for the UAE, offering tailor-made services and ideas for a range of sectors including tour operators and establishments dealing with individual tourists and leisure groups. The Company has been a pioneer in the CIS and European market, bringing tourists to the United Arab Emirates and Oman for over a decade.

Arabian Explorers also offers a customised B2B Online Reservation System for FIT bookings, where accommodation, airport transfers, limousine service, tours and excursions, restaurants and other travel related services can be booked instantly. The company holds contracts and allotments with all major hotels and hotel apartments in the United Arab Emirates and has also been in valuable long-term relationships with multiple suppliers.

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United Arab Emirates

Dubai - between desert land & skyscrapers

An emirate like in a modern fairy tale, where tradition and luxury are not enemies: The silence and solitude of the desert contrast with modern city life and even more modern design in the city: exciting off-road tours through the barren mountains invite you to relax and dine on a luxury yacht afterwards. Dubai stands for 360 degrees of sunshine a year, Caribbean temperatures and long sandy beaches like the famous Jumeirah Beach. Its Arabian flair, fascinating contrasts, versatile sports facilities, fantastic golf courses and the fascination of the desert do the rest to inspire visitors. Here you will find one of the fastest growing metropolises on earth. The city is in the limelight as the dynamic core of the Arabian Gulf region and is referred to as the "gateway between East and West". With around 1.5 million inhabitants from almost 200 countries, Dubai is one of the most international cities in the world. Dubai is the economic trading centre of the Middle East and the second largest emirate in the UAE. Like no other destination, it is an international, dynamic business centre as well as a dreamlike holiday oasis that offers everything your heart desires.

Abu Dhabi - Culture, Science & Technical Progress

Abu Dhabi is not only the largest emirate, but also the richest of the seven emirates and the seat of government. Here, too, glass palaces tower into the sky, flowers and palm avenues line the generously laid out boulevards and a uniquely beautiful 6 km long corniche invites you to take an evening stroll. Adrenalin is also provided...

Bahrain - the Royal Island in the Persian Gulf

With a total area of 700 square kilometres, Bahrain is the smallest state in the Arabian Gulf. The main island with the capital Manama alone occupies 578 square kilometres. In the past, Bahrain was famous for pearl diving. Today, the capital Manama is an important financial, trade and service centre. Colourful souks, mosques, traditional markets and exciting museums form an enchanting contrast to the city's large business and shopping centres, parks and extravagant architecture.

Qatar - Tradition and Modernity

On the one hand, there is the pulsating, up-and-coming metropolis of Doha with its great hotels and sights, which is indispensable for tourism and the economy. On the other hand, the fantastic desert landscapes, the vastness of the Arabian Gulf and the primitive way of life of the Arabs - the Emirate of Qatar offers all this.

The country is dominated by endless desert, sand dunes up to 50 metres high, some of which drop directly into the sea and invite you to take a desert safari in an off-road vehicle. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world since the discovery of oil and gas. In the capital Doha, you will find green spaces, palm trees and flower beds. With the new Souk al Waqif, a traditional bazaar district has been created, without traffic, but with many cosy corners and alleys for strolling, restaurants and cafés, as well as art and craft shops. In 2022, the Football World Cup will be held in Qatar.

United Arab Emirates is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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