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For visitors, Sweden is a country brimming with possibilities: from the arctic beauty of the north with its midnight sun to the castles of the southern province of Skåne, with its more continental flair. In northern Sweden, visitors can experience the icy pleasures of dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and much more. Further south, visitors can explore the 1,680 miles of coastline with tens of thousands of islands. Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, is called the "beauty on the water," but it is also a city of fashion, design, and trends.

Incoming Agency Sweden – Lekvad Travel

Our incoming partner in Sweden, Lekvad Travel, develops customized group tours and plans vacation packages as well as bus tours for travel agencies. The team works on round, cultural, and individual trips in Sweden, car round trips, adventure trips, rental car round trips, and much more. Travel agencies can rely on good prices and flexible conditions because Lekvad works with partners from all the offered travel destinations and has been cooperating with hotel groups, shipping companies, and hotels for many years. The decades of personal experience in procurement, creation, support, and processing of round and adventure trips will immediately inspire you!

Lekvad plans and designs travel itineraries and supports the creation of promotional materials with texts and images, or the procurement of promotional subsidies from the target areas. During the handling of all services with the teams on-site, Lekvad ensures that your tailor-made trips in Sweden take all your customers' wishes into account. All trips are accompanied by their own German-speaking tour guides. Continuous quality control, complaint management, and guest surveys for processing ensure smooth operations.

This DMC in Sweden offers a wide range of travel experiences that are perfect for combining with the other Nordic countries of Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Let Lekvad Travel show you an example program or get your quote for a tailor-made itinerary now!


  • German-speaking team and German-speaking guides
  • Combine Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland or the UK! Lekvad is your one-stop-shop for these regions.
Your Contact for Sweden Aaron Halbritter

Discover the Enchanting Land of Sweden: A Journey Through Rich Culture, Natural Wonders, and Colorful Festivities

Sweden is part of Scandinavia and a very elongated country that stretches over more than 1,500 km from north to south, making it the third-largest country in Western Europe, but with a relatively small population of 10 million. This length, combined with Sweden's latitude, means that the climate varies greatly throughout the country, and the seasons change drastically. A warm, bright summer with long days is followed by a colorful autumn, a long, dark winter (partially illuminated by snow), and a bright, long-awaited spring.

Summers in Sweden are famous for their brightness. Around the summer solstice on June 21, there is an average of 20 hours of sunlight throughout the country, with the sun never setting in Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle (Midnight Sun). In contrast, on the darkest day of the year (mid to late December), there are only six hours of sunlight on average, with the sun not rising above the horizon in Kiruna at all.

Sweden is famous for its many forests and lakes. It is a nation of enthusiastic recyclers and hikers, as well as the pop music capital of the world. Experience colorful folk festivals such as the Midsummer Festival (late June) and sophisticated art events. Indulge in a unique cuisine that draws from fresh products from the forests and the sea. Sweden has given the world Smorgasbord, Gravedlachs, and Köttbullar (pronounced correctly! ;-)), but Swedish cuisine has even more to offer.

Ninety percent of the population lives in the southern parts of the country. About 20 percent live in the four largest municipalities, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Uppsala. About 30 percent live in rural areas.

Today, most historians agree that the Sami can rightfully be called the original Scandinavians. The Sami are one of the smallest groups of indigenous peoples in the world. The Sami population in Sweden is estimated to be around 20,000 out of a total of 80,000 Sami who live in Sápmi, the homeland of the Sami, which also extends over northern Norway and Finland as well as the Kola Peninsula in Russia.

Swedish history is dramatic, full of wars and conquests, starting with the Viking invasions around 1000 AD and continuing with frequent military campaigns under Gustav II Adolf and Karl XII. In the 16th century, Sweden was one of the great European powers, whose territory extended over large parts of the Baltic states. By 1700, Sweden had become so impoverished by the many conflicts that it had to make peace if the country was to survive. Since 1814, Sweden has lived in peace.

Ready to embark on your own Swedish adventure? Get your quote today and experience the wonders of this magnificent land for yourself.

Sweden is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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