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DMC Kazakhstan

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Incoming Agency Kazakhstan – Global Air

Kazakhstan joins Europe with Asia through the Silk Road and offers an enticing mix of many cultures of the world. Russian is spoken mostly, a large part of the inhabitants belong to the Muslim faith and most people who live here have Asian features... so it is not surprising to learn that Kazakhstan is the land of nomads! This melting pot of cultures features a way of life that is well worth exploring.

Our partner DMC in Kazakhstan is one of our more exotic partners in Central Asia. This incoming agency was established in 2000 and has 8 offices with 180 employees. It has become one of the leading incoming agencies/DMCs and organises unforgettable programmes for the most discerning clients who of course benefit from the fantastic network that Global Air operates with. The team can offer you the best rates for the complete range of touristic services, among others VIP service, transfers, support with visa application, car rentals and many more, and not just in Kazakhstan but also in combination with Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan. The team at Global Air designs programmes that include ancient nomadic traditions, fascinating shamanic rituals, the beauty of the vast wilderness, pristine landscapes and the comfort of modern cities!

Your Contact for Kazakhstan Aaron Halbritter


One of the better known cities is surely Almaty. The former capital is situated in the cool north at the foot of the Tian Shan mountains. It is the biggest city in the country. Don't miss out on the wonderful cathedrals and the central mosque. If you're not that much into architecture and religious monuments, take a stroll through one of the beautiful parks! A true highlight in Kazakhstan can be found in the Altyn Emel National Park: the singing dune! This sand dune is 150 metres high and almost 3 km long - and it starts singing in dry weather, emitting a sound similar to the tune of an organ! Physicists say that the sound is produced by the friction between grains of sand. Of course there a lots of legends and myths that surround this natural phenomenon, and they are just as interesting as the scientific ideas! Further to the east you will find the Sharyn Canyon, 300 metres deep and a look into the abyss brings a flush of adrenalin! The Valley of Castles here was built without human help - they're impressive formations of rock.

Let Global Air include this any many more highlights into your n ext programme - give us a call at +49 6104 780480 to find out more!

Kazakhstan is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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