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Beauty of Japan
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Incoming Agency Japan – Beauty of Japan

Japan is one of these countries that take your breath away. This multifaceted destination boasts contrasts that are mind-boggling but for many visitors what they see of Japan is mainly limited to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Undoubtedly, Tokyo is one of the most exciting metropolises in the world and combines the best of the modern wirld with its cultural riches, its exotic traditions and impressive temple sites. Lovers of nature will indulge in the beauty of the mountains and the typical Japanese gardens that mirror the aesthetics of Japanese design so beautifully. Go hiking up the Fuji, skiing or go on an island trip in the south of Japan - this destination is full of options!

STR Destination Handling offers fans of Asia one of the most renowned incoming agencies/DMCs with our partner DMC Beauty of Japan (founded in 2014) who stand for absolutely authentic experiences for FIT and groups. Classic round trips, hiking or biking, an exotic family holiday, special interest tours, cultural highlights with a mix of tradition and pop culture... no matter what you would like to offer your clients, with a head office in Tokyo and another office in Kyoto, there are always specialists at hand that support you along the way. The team is headed by two young and dynamic experts in the field with a true passion for their home country Japan. Timely communication is a must just as much as flexibility and sustainable actions as a destination management company. A network of enthusiastic and knowledgable guides and suppliers paired with a team that will do their utmost to give your clients the travel experience they seek - Beauty of Japan is your one stop solution!

Your Contact for Japan Moritz Schuermann

Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

When skyscrapers and ancient temples share the same space and a backdrop of georgeous snow-peaked mountains invoke a feeling of sublimity in the beholder.... Japan is the land of contrasts and offers many leisure activities and also many different climate zones which means that the landscapes are also very different depending on where you are.

Indulge in a lovely traditional tea ceremony with green tea, zen rituals with monks in the morning, gain insight into the life of a real geisha, go on a foodie tour and enjoy the best the Japanese cuisine has to offer, go for a walk with a Sumo wrestler or learn all about Samurais and Ninjas! An absolute must is an overnight in a traditional ryokan, ideally in one of the wooden houses that are mostly found in remote areas. Only few travellers know the tropical side of Japan: coral riffs, mangroves and trips through the jungle are possible on the Okinawa islands!

Japan is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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