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Romania - the name alone conjures up images of unspoilt nature, legends about the most famous of all vampires as well as that of Vlad the Impaler Tepes. The infamous Transsylvania has provided Romania with an eerie image that still lingers today. And Dracula still remains a reason for many visitors to come to Romania, as a way of travelling in time...

You are always in search of new destinations to fulfill your already spoilt customers' wishes? Then MacSun Travel is just what you're looking for. The southern Balkans, mostly still unknown, have everything that your clients could wish for, whether they be culture vultures or nature lovers. The company was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the leading incoming agencies/DMCs in the Balkans, offering all the incoming services such as seat-in-coach groups, country combinations, offers for active vacationers, etc. The advantage for customers is the complete German and English-language processing, and a 24-hour service hotline. They offer all incoming services in following countries: Croatia MacedoniaMontenegroAlbaniaBosnia SerbiaKosovo - Romania.


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from Germany/Austria/Switzerland approx.2.5h

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Romania - Follow in Dracula's footsteps...

Romania shares a border with Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Moldavia and much of the landscape here is still unspoilt, making it a wonderful destinations for fans of nature and wilderness.The home of Dracula offers many opportunities for exciting outdoor activities and excursions into remote regions in which bears and wolves can still be found. The beautiful capital Bucharest, the Paris of the East as it is called, has suffered greatly during the WW2 and the following dictatorship and thus has many tales to tell. The fantastic connection from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to many cities in Romania enables a comfortable journey. Let yourself be engulfed in the flair of the medieval little towns in Transsylvania and the pristine landscapes surrounding them. Of course, a visit would not be complete without marvelling at the impressive castles and forts. The most famous one is of course Castle Bran near Brasov - will it give you the creeps?



In stark contrast to life in the countryside stands Bucharest, the vibrating capital that offers so many intersting buildings and countless opportunities for shopping. The climate is influenced by the Mediterranean from May till September. Nightlife here is fun, the entertainment and leisure options allow visitors to get a glimpse of the local life. In the daytime, 37 museums, 18 art galleries and several parks await the curious visitor, buildings from the Belle Époque amaze fans of architecture. The national art museum, the Cantacuzino palace and the Patriarch's Palace offer a fascinating history to be discovered! And did you know: Bucharest is the biggest city between Berlin and Atens!


Traditions in Transsylvania

Centrally located in Romania and with three interantional airports as well as an extensive railway system, Transsylvania is the most popular region. Some of the most beautiful medieval townscan be found here, like Brasov with its Saxon architecture and the nearby castle Bran. Near Brasov there is also Harman and Prejmer with their picturesque medieval houses.

The Carpathians, well-known for its legends and fairytales about werewolves and vampires, are full of wild beauty, with waterfalls and rivers in a rocky landscape. The 12,000 caves invite you to discover the unknown... In Sighisoara, you will find the most beautiful medieval town in the country - and it has been used as a filmset many times! Sighisoara's unique fort on a hill invites visitors to get lost in the maze of the castle's secret passages... An absolute must-see is the birthplace of Vlad Dracul! From Bukarest, it is three to four hours by car to Transsylvania. Cluj-Napoca is the biggest town in the region.