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Do you know Bosnia? Sarajevo, the capital, is a perfect example of how different cultures live together peacefully. It also a bustling cultural centre, very diverse and has this certain charme reminiscent of a beautiful mixture between Istanbul and Vienna, remains of the era of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.

You are always in search of new destinations to fulfill your already spoilt customers' wishes? Then MacSun Travel is just what you're looking for. The southern Balkans, mostly still unknown, have everything that your clients could wish for, whether they be culture vultures or nature lovers. The company was founded in 1999 and has since become one of the leading incoming agencies/DMCs in the Balkans, offering all the incoming services such as seat-in-coach groups, country combinations, offers for active vacationers, etc. The advantage for customers is the complete German and English-language processing, and a 24-hour service hotline. They offer all incoming services in following countries: Croatia MacedoniaMontenegroAlbaniaBosnia SerbiaKosovo - Romania.


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from Central Europe approx. 3 hours by plane

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Bosnia-Herzegovina connects occident and orient and is characterised by its extremely friendly people who welcome visitors heartily and loves to pamper them with delicious food, most of which is, to say the least, rather rich. Bosnia is a hilly and karstic nation, while Herzegovina is more plane and very fertile. Here you can also find the only access to the sea. A beautiful symbol for the boom in Bosnia-Herzegovina was the rebuilding of the old bridge in Mostar, today an UNESCO heritage site. With its many pittoresque churches and places of pilgrimage, it is clearly a highly interesting destination for educational journeys and pilgrim groups! The capital Sarajevo is a prime example of how living together peacefully actually works. It also a vibrant cultural center and feels like a perfect mix between Istanbul and Vienna!