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Whether you prefer visiting one of the famous national parks in Namibia or the country's capital Windhoek itself... Whether you feel like 'listening' to the silence of the Kalahari or being amazed at the giant and colourful sand dunes of the desert Namib: it is the variety of the Namibian climate and landscape which distinguishes this country from most of its neighbours. And it is this variety which will make your stay unforgettable!

The destination management company Private Safaris is one of the top incoming agencies/DMCs in Africa's tourism industry. In addition, Private Safaris has strategic partners with other incoming agencies in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Rwanda, Angola and Madagascar. The services offered by this highly experienced and client-focused incoming agency cover everything the client could wish for: whether it be individuals or travel groups, tourists eager for a walk on the wild side or conference participants – in Namibia, everyone can find something to make their dreams come true!

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Isabelle Jehring
Isabelle Jehring
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The Namibian landscape consists generally of five geographical areas, each with characteristic abiotic conditions and vegetation with some variation within and overlap between them: the Central Plateau, the Namib Desert, the Great Escarpment, the Bushveld, and the Kalahari Desert.

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