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DMC Colombia

Quimbaya Latin America
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Incoming Agency Quimbaya Latin America

Life in Colombia has many colours - while this is true for wildlife, this can also be said about the population, a mix of different ethnic groups. Colombia is a pure, natural and fresh destination that has been neglected over the past couple of years as a travel destination. The safety situation is comparable to the other Latin American countries. It is easy to be intoxicated by the colours and the people's zest for life - check out the little towns along the Carribean coastline such as Cartagena de Indias or Bogotá which is always worth a visit as the modern and cultural centre of Colombia. Modern cities with skyscrapers and great night life, beautiful Carribean beaches (like Santa Marta), dreamy haciendas and coffee plantations, jungle walks through the Amazon region, historic colonial cities and ruins... Colombia is a paradise! And maybe your new favourite destination?

Our partner DMC Colombia, Quimbaya Latin America, opened their first incoming office in Bogotá in 1987 - so they are one of our most established incoming agencies/DMCs. The name conjures up images of the sun, wilderness and ancient cultures - indeed, Quimbaya was named after an ancient tribe that lived in the pre-Colombian coffee regions and is known for its detailed gold smith works. You can feel the passion for detail at Quimbaya Latin America too, who look to their customer's every need with their expert teams on spot. Boasting 32 years of experience in 11 countries in Central and South America you can rely on true expertise, even multi-destination programs are easily managed! Quimbaya is your point of contact for 11 destinations - your one-stop solution!

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The country's capital, Bogotá, is something very special. At first, not all travellers may be able to put down the altitude of 2000 metres, which is clearly noticeable here, but it is part of the city. And it goes even higher: a breathtaking view over the city can be had from Monserrate, one of the two mountains bordering the city and over 3000 metres high. Worth seeing in the city is the Fernando Botero Museum, dedicated to the painter of the same name. His works can be seen here in all their glory, but you can also admire numerous sculptures or paintings by other world-famous artists, such as Picasso. But also the colonial quarter of Candelaria, which has been faithfully restored and where the South American national hero Simón Bolivar stayed for a long time.

A little further north is the city of Zipaquirá. Here there is one of Colombia's biggest tourist attractions: the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. Up to 180 metres below the earth's surface, deep in the Zipa hill, lies the impressive structure. The hill is the largest natural salt deposit in the world, so the mineral plays an essential role in the region. The original was on the verge of collapse, so 250 thousand tons of salt were brought out of the mine to accurately reconstruct the cathedral in the city and to continue to give those interested the opportunity to experience this mighty and extraordinary monument.

Colombia's pearl of the Caribbean is Cartagena de Indias. Due to its favourable location for trade, this was the starting point for shipping gold, silver and precious stones all over the world. Since 1984, the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and rightly so! It is considered one of the most beautiful colonial cities in South America and every visitor immediately feels the special flair of bright colours, romance and the South American joie de vivre combined with a unique Caribbean feeling. In the old town, there are many magnificent buildings and places steeped in history, such as the Plaza de las Coches, the square that was once the largest slave market on the continent.

Colombia is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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