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DMC Bolivia

Quimbaya Latin America
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Incoming Agency Quimbaya Latin America

Discover the holy land of the Incas! Bolivia, the tiny land of superlatives and contradictions is not only the highest, most isolated and roughest country of the hemisphere, but also one of the coldest, warmest, windiest and mistiest countries in the world! Although it is also the poorest country in South America, it is one of the richest regarding natural resources. The vibrant indigenous culture is represented by over 30 ethnic groups, especially in the UNESCO pearls of Sucre or Potosi. The salt flats of Uyuni, the misty jungle of the Amazon basin, the fascinating Titicaca lake and the grassland in the Southeast will amaze you with their unrivaled beauty. However, you should be prepared for the mountain air of La Paz which can be quite breath-taking... And don't forget: The traces of the ancient civilisation of the Incas are everywhere around you and will have the hearts of culture vultures and adventure fans beating faster! Bolivia has it all - except, maybe, for beaches.

Ecuador and Chile are ideal matches for combined travels.

Our partner DMC Bolivia, Quimbaya Latin America, opened their first incoming office in Bogotá in 1987 - so they are one of our most established incoming agencies/DMCs. The name conjures up images of the sun, wilderness and ancient cultures - indeed, Quimbaya was named after an ancient tribe that lived in the pre-Colombian coffee regions and is known for its detailed gold smith works. You can feel the passion for detail at Quimbaya Latin America too, who look to their customer's every need with their expert teams on spot. Boasting over 30 years of experience in 11 countries in Central and South America you can rely on true expertise, even multi-destination programs are easily managed! Quimbaya is your point of contact for 11 destinations - your one-stop solution!

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The capital of Bolivia is Sucre. This city is world cultural heritage and for good reasons: here, you will find lovely, well-kept parks that make Sucre one of the most beautiful cities in South America. There is also a textile museum in which you can experience the traditional weaving art developed by the indigenous peoples. Lovers of cocoa and chocolate will be thrilled to try all the different chocolate specialities that Sucre has to offer. The seat of the government can be found in La Paz which is situated, just like Sucre, high in the mountains and therefore one of the highest-located in the world. The city is also known for its varied range of cultural offers and sites, including Bolivian dancing shows during concerts, theatre shows as well as an annual book fair. The biggest Coca museum in the world, "el museo de Coca" is something you might want to put on your list of things to see! The markets, however, is where it's at for all lovers of fabulous food and produce. You can find the more usual markets for groceries as well as a surprisingly public black market and a witch market where you can buy bizarre animal parts and potions of all kinds...

Not far from La Paz on the border to Peru is the Titicaca lake, the biggest lake in South America as well as the highest-located commercially used waters on this earth in which more than 25 rivers flow. Its islands, like the Isla del Sol or the Isla de la Luna, are home to many precious relics of the Inca culture. The lake's water is always cold but it still acts as a great heat reservoir, allowing different sorts of grain to grow on the water's edge. They say, this is the place where farming potatoes started! The Uros, a people that lives on the lake, build islands from the Totora water reed on which they live, mostly from fishing. They also build reed boats and houses from the reed, and there are still 200 members of this tribe who live like this.

Bolivia is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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