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DMC Panama

Quimbaya Latin America
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Incoming Agency Quimbaya Latin America

Panama is not only known for its 77 km long canal, but also for its beautiful tropical rainforests, Carribbean islands, the Pacific coast and vibrant cities. Experience the joie de vivre! The skyline of Panama is proof of its role as a major city of the world and its immense economic growth. Fans of nature will be amazed at the variety of flora and fauna in the exotic rainforest and discover all sorts of beautiful things. Dreamy beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water can be found on the Pacific coast and on Carribbean islands with their stunning resorts, hotels and huge golf courts. Why not go surfing in this perfect place?

Our partner DMC in Panama, Quimbaya Latin America, opened their first incoming office in Bogotá in 1987 so they are one of our most established incoming agencies/DMCs. The name conjures up images of the sun, wilderness and ancient cultures - indeed, Quimbaya was named after an ancient tribe that lived in the pre-Colombian coffee regions and is known for its detailed gold smith works. You can feel the passion for detail at Quimbaya Latin America too, who look to their customer's every need with their expert teams on spot. Boasting over 30 years of experience in 11 countries in Central and South America you can rely on true expertise, even multi-destination programs are easily managed! Quimbaya is your point of contact for 11 destinations - your one-stop solution!

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The capital, Panama City, offers a variety of options for the curious visitor. It is not only a UNESCO world heritage in which one can find numerous historic ruins and cultural sites. You can travel back in time before re-entering the modern times again in the new part of town. Here, dive into an exciting nightlife, enjoy traditional food and see magnificent churches. The colourful „Museo de la Biodiversidad“ was designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry and tells the intriguing story of Panama.

Panama is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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