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Incoming Agency Quimbaya Latin America

Once upon a time Columbus was looking for precious metal, but all he found in Costa Rica was pure nature: birds of paradise, mangrove swamps, mountain ranges and volcanoes, damp rain forests and coral reefs. Columbus might have been a little bit disappointed, people today however have learned to appreciate natural values. And this is certainly one of the reasons why 30% of the country’s surface is protected by environmental legislation.

Costa RicaOur partner DMC for Costa Rica, Quimbaya Latin America, opened their first incoming office in Bogotá in 1987 so they are one of our most established incoming agencies/DMCs. The name conjures up images of the sun, wilderness and ancient cultures - indeed, Quimbaya was named after an ancient tribe that lived in the pre-Colombian coffee regions and is known for its detailed gold smith works. You can feel the passion for detail at Quimbaya Latin America too, who look to their customer's every need with their expert teams on spot. Boasting over 30 years of experience in 11 countries in Central and South America you can rely on true expertise, even multi-destination programs are easily managed! Quimbaya is your point of contact for 11 destinations - your one-stop solution! Rafting, sky walking, diving, deep-sea fishing are only a few of the possible activities on the agenda. Supported by Quimbaya, individual travellers and groups have the opportunity of discovering a country that is still an insider tip - a great addition to our incoming agencies/DMCs network!

Quimbaya Latin America is one of the most experienced in Costa Rica. With the vast experience of their personnel in the sector, the close commercial relationships with suppliers and a constant work in innovation and development of differentiated product, Quimbaya Latin America are able to offer exclusive and competitive proposals and a quality service that meets the highest demands of national and international standards. Their team of specialists is ready to become your best ally in creating unique vacations in Costa Rica.

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Paradise, or: Costa Rica

The first place visitors usually come to is San José, the capital of Costa Rica. In the city, founded in 1737, no street names are used. This is completely logical for the locals, but may cause great confusion for one or two people who are unfamiliar with the city. In the city centre with its many cafés and bars, you can immediately feel the typical Central American feeling and soak it up before you travel on, like most people, to the nearby beaches, volcanoes or national parks. Costa Rica is known as the "Switzerland of Central America".

Costa Rica is famous for its volcanoes, there are 131 of them in this small country and the most famous of them is certainly the Arenal. It is surrounded by the Arenal National Park, which will leave a lasting impression not only because of its imposing sight but also because of its diverse possibilities. Those who like to experience nature go hiking; those who prefer more action take a rafting tour from La Fortuna through the park; those who love heights take a gondola to the top of the mountain and then let themselves glide on a line over the trees and through the gorges down to the lake; those who just want to relax and enjoy themselves simply jump into Lake Arenal or one of the many hot thermal springs. But not only the Arenal is worth a trip, the numerous other volcanoes in the country such as the Póas, the Rincón de la Vieja or Irazú should definitely also be mentioned here.

Many people immediately think of turtles when they think of Costa Rica. They can be found in the Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast. Three species of turtles have one of their main egg-laying sites here. What makes the park so special, however, are the senderos acuáticos, a system of waterways and river branches in the gorges of the park, which can be explored excellently by kayak.

In Cahuita, further south along the Caribbean coast, there are many protected coral reefs - a paradise for all snorkellers. There is also the small village of Puerto Viejo, where you can sleep in hammocks and where some escapists have built their very own paradise, far away from all-inclusive tourism.

Another highlight of Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National Park. This is also located in the south of the country, but on the Pacific coast. Here, all adventurers and outdoor fans get their money's worth, be it ziplining above the treetops and through the branches or walking at dizzying heights over wooden suspension bridges, where you can observe the unique flora and fauna up close!

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Costa Rica is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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