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Discover sparkling fjords, delve deeply into the rich Norwegian culture, and savour fresh, top-quality seafood. But don't forget: Norway is vast! It's best to choose a favourite region and stay a little longer to explore everything Norway has to offer.

The UNESCO-protected fjords are symbols of the beauty of traditional Norway and look like they're straight out of a fairytale. Marvel at breathtaking waterfalls, such as the Vøringsfossen, or climb glaciers. Or perhaps your clients would like to take on the "best road trip in the world"? The Atlantic Road in northwestern Norway will challenge them!

The capital city Oslo is the epitome of "Nordic Cool". Stroll through vibrant neighbourhoods and discover everything from innovative architecture and world-class museums to trendy bars and heavenly restaurants.

Incoming Agency Norway – Lekvad Travel

Lekvad Travel develops bespoke group tours and plans holiday packages and bus tours for tour operators. The team creates round, cultural, and individual tours in Norway, car tours, adventure tours, rental car tours, and much more.

Tour operators can rely on good prices and flexible conditions, as Lekvad works with partners from all the countries they offer tours to and has cooperated for many years with hotel groups, shipping companies, and hotels in Norway. The decades of personal experience in procurement as well as the creation, support, and execution of round and adventure tours will immediately inspire you!

Lekvad plans and designs projects and supports the creation of advertising materials with texts and images or the procurement of advertising cost subsidies from target areas. When handling all services with local teams, Lekvad ensures that your tailor-made tours in Norway consider all the wishes of your customers. All tours are supervised by German-speaking tour guides. The constant quality control and complaint management as well as guest surveys for execution ensure smooth processes.


  • German-speaking team and German-speaking guides
  • Combine Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland or the UK! Lekvad is your one-stop-shop for these regions.
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Your Contact for Norway Felicia Tretter

Norway: Unbelievable adventure awaits!

Norway's enchanting appeal is easily explained: it is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Enjoying nature in Norway is a highly active affair and makes Norway the ultimate destination for adventure tourism in Europe. Many activities are aimed at young, intrepid individuals, while others, such as hiking, cycling, and whitewater rafting in the summer, or dog sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling in the winter, are open to anyone with adequate fitness. Regardless of what Norwegian vacationers choose, they will always get close to nature!

Norway is a paradise for animal watchers: here, you can observe humpback whales, sperm whales, and orcas off the coast of Andenes, Stø or Tromsø, while inland, wild reindeer and majestic elk, musk oxen and graceful arctic foxes can be seen.

The contrast between the natural beauty and the cultural life that pulsates in the cities could not be more exciting. The Norwegian cities are cosmopolitan and imbued with the famous Scandinavian flair for design. Norway's major cities range from the urban atmosphere of Oslo with its "Nordic Cool" to picturesque places on the fjords or above the Arctic Circle. Bergen, Trondheim and Ålesund are certainly among the most "instagrammable" cities in Europe!

Our DMC partner in Norway will be pleased to create a tailored Norway program for you with the most beautiful highlights of Norway!

Norway is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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