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Latvia's natural assets include the white beaches of the "Baltic Riviera". Riga is the pearl of the Baltic, situated on the mouth of the Daugava in the Baltic Sea and famous for its ancient history and a rich cultural heritage.

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Travelling through Latvia

Latvia's capital Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Architecture fans get their money's worth here, as visitors can marvel at and experience architectural styles from almost all centuries. It is not for nothing that the city is called an architectural pearl. Due to the encounter of western and eastern cultures, the country's culture is colourful and diverse. Visitors can experience all this at first hand - whether on a walk through the city or at a concert of classical or modern music.

Latvia also boasts large areas of unspoilt nature. One of the largest and, above all, oldest national parks in the country is the Gauja National Park. Here you can easily spend several days marvelling at, enjoying or experiencing the picturesque landscapes of wild and beautiful nature by exploring primeval caves or climbing huge rocks. The park also has a lot to offer in terms of cultural history: More than 500 monuments from the country's history are located in Gauja.

The only official Latvian spa is called Jūrmala and is located only a few kilometres from the capital. Here the focus is less on historical monuments and more on dreamy beaches and natural landscapes that are balm for the soul. The place is known for its healthy air, the coast as well as healing mud and mineral water. In addition to healthy nature, the city also offers all kinds of events with something for everyone.

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