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Incoming Agency Saistours

Italy conjures up images of delicious Mediterranean food, excellent wine, easy living and ancient architecture, beaches, and impressive landscapes. Our partner Saistours will take you on a journey to the south of Italy and Sicily, showing you various aspects of this fascinating country. The company is headquartered in Sicily with further offices in Rome and Puglia.

Our incoming agency partner in Italy, Saistours, will show you the not so well-known side of Italy. Based in Sicily with offices in Apulia (both have German-speaking staff) and Rome, Saistours are always near to their customers. This destination management company offers touristic programs and study trips, all of which are professionally arranged by this incoming agency/DMC in Italy.

Since more and more flights are offered between Germany and Sicily, this destination is experiencing a downright "renaissance". However, the fine Italian cuisine with its fine wines, Mediterranean joy of living and last but not least the charme of this island itself speak their own language.There are some well-known sights in Italy, e.g. the castle and palazzo of Baron Pignatelli de Leonessa in San Martina Valle Caudina close to Naples, you can book only via Saistours.

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Italy – la dolce vita at your fingertips

Saistours covers the entire Italian island!

The first thing to mention about Italy is, of course, Rome - the eternal city. It lives up to its name, its historical past spans a whole three thousand years! There is a lot to see here, not least because of this the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.

Another absolute highlight of Italy is the region of Puglia at the very bottom of the peninsula. The cities of Lecce, which looks more like an open-air museum, and Bari, the city with two faces, as well as the caves of Castellana, whose beauty is a natural heritage of inestimable value, are among the places worth seeing. You can also spend the night in the so-called trulli, round houses made exclusively of stone, which offer good protection from the persistent summer heat.

The region of Tuscany is also one of the most beautiful in the country. Its wealth of works of art make it famous all over the world. The capital is the Renaissance city of Florence, which for over 600 years has had a great influence on artists of the past centuries and has therefore been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But other cities such as Pisa, the birthplace of Galileo with its world-famous leaning tower, or Siena, which has been considered the most beautiful city in Italy for ages, make Tuscany a highlight of any trip to Italy.

Since more flights from Germany to Sicily have been offered again, the destination Sicily is experiencing a real 'renaissance'. But the good Italian cuisine with its fine wines, the Mediterranean way of life and last but not least the charm of the island itself speak their own convincing language.

Italy is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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