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Ireland, also known as the "Emerald Isle," is a country of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. With its gentle green hills, dramatic coastline, and charming towns, Ireland offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Whether you're exploring ancient ruins, enjoying live music in a cozy pub, or taking in the breathtaking views of the Cliffs of Moher, Northern Ireland and Ireland are destinations that will impress and inspire your customers.

Incoming Agency Ireland – Lekvad Travel

Discover Ireland with our reliable incoming partner, Lekvad Travel. Whether it's group or individual travel, bus or car tours, adventure trips, or tailor-made vacation packages, Lekvad plans it all! Decades of experience in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will delight you. Benefit from good prices and flexible conditions through long-standing partnerships with hotel groups, shipping companies, and hotels. Four German-speaking employees guarantee a smooth process and tailor-made travel experiences, guided by our own German-speaking tour guides.

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  • German-speaking staff and German-speaking tour guides.
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Discover the Emerald Isle - Tailor-made Programmes to Explore Ireland's Rich Cultural Heritage

Ireland is an extraordinary destination for travelers seeking stunning landscapes, warm hospitality, and a rich cultural heritage. From the rolling hills of the countryside to the rugged coastline, Ireland boasts some of the world's most beautiful scenery. Visitors are welcomed with open arms by the Irish people, renowned for their warmth and hospitality.

With centuries-old traditions in music, dance, literature, and art, Ireland has a rich cultural legacy. The country is also famous for its hearty and delicious cuisine, including classics like Irish Stew, Fish and Chips, and the world-renowned Guinness beer. Ireland is home to numerous historical landmarks, such as castles, churches, and ancient ruins. The Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and the Blarney Castle are among the most popular attractions.

Ireland is a country that knows how to have fun, with festivities and celebrations taking place throughout the year. Some of the most famous events include the St. Patrick's Day, the Galway International Arts Festival, and the Dublin Horse Show.

With so many wonderful places to visit in Ireland, it can be challenging to choose just a few! Here are some of the best destinations:

  • Cliffs of Moher: These majestic cliffs rise up to 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, offering breathtaking views of the rugged coast and nearby Aran Islands.
  • Ring of Kerry: This scenic drive takes you through some of Ireland's most picturesque landscapes, including gentle hills, untouched lakes, and charming villages.
  • Dublin: Ireland's vibrant capital city offers a wealth of history, culture, and entertainment. From the historic Trinity College and St. Patrick's Cathedral to the bustling pubs and restaurants of Temple Bar, Dublin has something for everyone.
  • Giant's Causeway: This natural wonder on the northern coast of Ireland is a unique formation of hexagonal basalt columns that resemble the steps of a giant staircase.
  • Killarney National Park: This stunning park in southwest Ireland is home to the country's highest mountain range as well as lush forests, glittering lakes, and historic sites like the Muckross House.
  • The Burren: This surreal landscape in County Clare features limestone pavements, underground rivers, and unique flora and fauna, making it a must-see for nature lovers.
  • Dingle Peninsula: This rugged peninsula on Ireland's west coast offers stunning views of the ocean, charming villages, and historic sites like the Gallarus Oratory, a fully-stone-built church from the 7th century.
  • Connemara: This wild and remote region in western Ireland features breathtaking scenery, including the Twelve Bens mountain range, unspoiled beaches, and historic castles like the Kylemore Abbey.

Ireland is a land full of emotions, conveying a sense of freedom and adventure in its green hills and cliffs. The warmth and welcoming culture of the Irish people make visitors feel at home, even when far away. However, Ireland also has a sad side, as seen in the historic sites and monuments that recall the hardships of the past. The partition of Ireland in 1921 still affects the political landscape and daily life of people in Northern Ireland and Ireland. The country and its people have been through a lot, but have still kept their hope and zest for life, and you can feel that!

Experience the magic of Ireland with our tailor-made programmes that showcase the best of Irish culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Book your tailor-made programme now and let your customers embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Ireland is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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