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Come with us on a journey to Finland, perhaps the happiest country in the world!

The four regions of Finland and the different seasons offer endless opportunities to do and see something. Plan a trip to Lapland and let your customers experience the most spectacular natural light show: the Aurora Borealis! The Finnish lake district invites you to explore the deep forests and lakes and let the tranquility take effect. But also the islands and national parks of the coastal region and the archipelago can be explored. In the region around the capital Helsinki, there is plenty of architecture, sauna culture, culinary highlights, and much more to discover!

Whether you are planning a city break or want to recharge in nature, or both at the same time: Finland is the perfect holiday destination. We would be happy to show you an example program of what is possible!

Incoming Agency Finland – Lekvad Travel

As a DMC in Finland, Lekvad Travel has been a trusted incoming agency since their inception in 2015. Their team specializes in designing bespoke group itineraries, crafting vacation packages, arranging bus tours, and curating tailored cultural, individual, and car round trips throughout Finland. Their expertise extends to adventure trips, rental car round trips, and more. In addition to these services, Lekvad also assists with creating compelling advertising materials, complete with texts and images, as well as securing advertising cost subsidies from destination areas.

At Lekvad Travel, our valued travel partners can always expect competitive prices and flexible conditions. Their long-standing relationships with hotel groups, shipping companies, and hotels throughout Finland guarantee unparalleled value. Lekvad's decades of personal experience in purchasing, supporting, and handling round and adventure trips make them an industry leader.

Lekvad Travel boasts a team of 4 German-speaking employees who work closely with their on-site teams to ensure that every aspect of your customers' tailor-made trips to Finland is thoughtfully considered. Each trip is accompanied by their own German-speaking tour guides, while continuous quality control, complaint management, and guest surveys guarantee seamless operations.


  • Easily combine Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
  • 4 German speaking employees
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Your Contact for Finland Felicia Tretter

Discover the Beauty of Finland with Tailor-made Travel Programs

When is the best time to visit sparsely populated Finland, with its approximately 5 million inhabitants? The answer is quite simple: always! Each season in Finland has its own unique charm, and Lekvad Travel will show you the most beautiful aspects of each region throughout the year.

There are a thousand reasons to fall in love with Finland - the warm-hearted people, the stunning arctic landscapes, and the remarkable architecture. And just when you think you've seen and experienced everything that Finland has to offer, you'll be surprised by the four seasons.

Lapland is certainly a must-visit destination in Finland. From specially designed glass huts or open-air viewing areas, spectators can enjoy the spectacle of the aurora borealis in a truly special way. Did you know that the Northern Lights can be seen in Finnish Lapland for around 200 nights a year?

In the capital city of Helsinki, you can enjoy good food, magnificent design, interesting museums, and unique architecture. Visit Helsinki and experience for yourself why the Finnish capital is one of the most livable cities in the world.

Book your tailor-made travel program to Finland with Lekvad Travel today and immerse yourself in the breathtaking arctic landscapes, warm-hearted people, and remarkable architecture that Finland has to offer.

Finland is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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