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Is this the orient or the occident? Is it still Europe or already Asia?

Armenia is a country with a vast history in the Caucasus, but little is known about the small country, although it looks back on 3000 years of history and is the oldest Christian state. Greeks, Romans, Persians, Turks, Russians...they have all left their mark on the country. Hills and plains take turns in a caleidoscope-like landscape. Despite the difficult surroundings, the Armenians are very good at producing delicious wines and fruit. Ancient churches and monasteries high on top of hills and the Christian traditions testify to the fact that this was the first country where the Christian religious was made state religion. Armenia is still not a really well-known region in the Caucasus. However, it is a very young and hospitable country, without mass tourism.

Our partner incoming agency for Georgia and Armenia Magic Roads is part of the Magic Travels group founded in 1985. It is one of the leading DMCs in the region today. Magic Roads was founded as the DMC for Armenia and Georgia in 2018, the head office being in Armenia, in order to offer clients the opportunity to travel to the Silk Road in Armenia and Georgia. The services rendered by this experienced DMC range from tailor-made or classic itineraries for individual travellers as well as groups, pilgrim travels, themed itineraries, cultural tours, wine and gourmet tours, winter sports, trekking tours, camping tours as well as combined itineraries for Armenia and Georgia.

Clients can always expect the best experience while travelling to Armenia. In addition, clients can book seat-in-coach tours with guaranteed departures starting from 2 participants. Rely on their vast knowledge of the region and their well-established network of suppliers as well as hotels. Benefit from a great value for money!

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Armenia – Land of Hospitality and Gateway to Asia

Fascinating history, impressive sights and breathtaking scenery: Armenia has always been a mystical country that will capture your imagination! The destination presents itself as a true open-air museum where time travel and living history are real. The country enchants with its untouched, awe-inspiring nature. Each city is a museum in itself with its ancient relics, old and new architecture, churches that have attracted worshippers for thousands of years and a cultural heritage that has closely interwoven the past with the present. Over the past centuries, countless unique cultural monuments have been created.

Armenia, that is interesting people and their lively sense of humour - it is even considered a national characteristic of Armenia! Unforgettable experiences with the hospitable people here will keep your holiday guests coming back again and again. Our partner incoming agency Magic Roads compiles the most beautiful sights and activities for you, so that your holiday in Armenia will be a real experience. Discover the Caucasus on your travels to Armenia!

The capital Yerevan (Yerevan, Yerevan), one of the oldest cities in the world, is the economically most important city in the country. It was founded almost 2800 years ago, making it older than the "eternal city" of Rome! It is also the 13th capital in Armenia's turbulent history. There are three main squares in the centre of Yerevan: Republic Square, Shahumian Square and Theatre Square.

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Armenia is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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