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The Albanian coast is opposite Italy and only a few miles from the Greek island of Corfu. Nevertheless, this region still appears to be a white spot on the map for most European tourists although there is a true vacation paradise awaiting the curious tourist! Besides relaxing sunbathing, the country offers countless opportunities for activity and adventure holidays. Breathtaking scenery, crystal clear rivers, lush, fragrant vegetation, fresh air and a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization - welcome to the National Park of Theth amidst the 2,700 meter high peaks of the Albanian Alps in the north. In the far southwest of the country, UNESCO-awarded in 1992, the archaeological finds of Butrint with Greek, Roman and early Christian buildings as "World Heritage" - a real highlight for fans of history!

You are always in search of new destinations to fulfill your already spoilt customers' wishes? Then MacSun Travel is just what you're looking for. The southern Balkans, mostly still unknown, have everything that your clients could wish for, whether they be culture vultures or nature lovers. The company was founded in 2009 and has since become one of the leading incoming agencies/DMCs in the Balkans, offering all the incoming services such as seat-in-coach groups, country combinations, offers for active vacationers, etc. The advantage for customers is the complete German and English-language processing, and a 24-hour service hotline. They offer all incoming services in following countries: Croatia – Macedonia – Montenegro – Albania – Bosnia – Serbia – Kosovo – Romania – Greece.

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One of the most interesting cities in Albania is definitely Berat, also called "the city of a thousand windows" due to the many large windows of the old decorated houses overlooking the town. The designated buildings are typically Albanian. The city is located on the river Osum on a hill. The Citadel overlooks the river and the modern city as well as the old Christian quarter across the river. You can find narrow streets, Turkish houses and Orthodox churches in this well-preserved area. The most important port city is Durres which also plays a very impotrant role when it comes to the cultural riches of this country. Various events throughout the year offer a whole range of cultural highlights. Well worth seeing is the amphitheatre surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches that used to accomodate 20,000 people and where, even today, special events are being held.

The capital Tirana is also well worth a visit, of course. The city is completely surrounded by hills and is the political and economcial centre of the country. Culture vultures can explore various buildings and castles and take a relaxing stroll through one of the parks afterwards or enjoy the charme of the city in one of the many cafés.

In the most southeastern part of the country, the UNESCO awarded the archaelogical finds of Buntrint as a world cultural heritage in 1992 - the Greek, Roman and early Christian sites are a true highlight for fans of tangible history!

Albania is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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