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Incoming-Agency India – Sita 

The peaceful and isolated country lies nestled in the Himalayas. From a modern point of view, it is not really a highly developed country, but when it comes to happiness, the Western world can definitely learn a thing or two from the people of Bhutan. It is rated as the eighth happiest country in the world! Tourism is restricted so as not to allow it to affect the culture and traditions too much. Still, don't let yourself be discouraged to travel there – it is worth it! The people in Bhutan are very friendly and hospitable. Apart from its rich cultural heritage Bhutan offers a stunning natural landscape, exotic monasteries, charming

Our partner DMC Sita was founded over 60 years ago and today ranks among India's top incoming agencies/DMCs. With 18 offices across India and South Asia the people at Sita see themselves as a provider of a travel culture bearing all the responsibilities that go with that role and offering their highly professional services to small as well as bigger clients. Sita's long standing relationship with hotels and suppliers ensures that they enjoy preferred rates and allocations. If you're looking for seat-in-coach tours, you might want to have a look at the list of destinations that SITA cover, including Nepal and Bhutan.

Sita has become the first Indian DMC to be awarded the CSR Committed Seal from TourCert. TourCert is a private German, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation which awards the CSR Committed Seal for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in tourism. Sita qualified the certification process which spanned across several requirement criterias and met the legal, social and environmental requirements of the core business. Sita is now officially recognised as a TourCert agency.

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Kingdom in the clouds

Bhutan lies in South Asia and shares its border with the Indian states of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh (from West to East)as well as with Tibet in the north. Bhutan is characterised by the Himalayas. Whereas subtropical climate is predominant in the south, the valleys of central Bhutan have a more moderate climate with cool winter months and hot summers. Winter is harsh in the mountains and the summers are cool here. Especially in the more southern parts of the country, one can witness a lot of floddings during the rainy season in Bhutan.

Bhutan is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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