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DMC Tanzania & Zanzibar

Shades of Green Safaris
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Incoming Agency Tanzania – Shades of Green Safaris

Tanzania! One of Africa's most dynamic and popular destinations. With 16 famous national parks and a multitude of game and forest reserves, including the world-famous Serengeti National Park and the unimaginably large Selous Game Reserve, safari fans are spoilt for choice. A must-see during a Tanzania trip is the wonder of the annual wildebeest migration, where more than 1,500,000 wildebeest follow some 200,000 zebras on a 2,000-kilometre pilgrimage in search of fresh pasture and water. It is "the greatest wildlife show on earth"!

But Tanzania offers much more: adventurers embark on the ascent of Africa's highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, which, with its more than 5,000m altitude, not only challenges professionals but is also a real highlight for beginners. Tanzania also includes Zanzibar, which stands for wonderful beach holidays - the country is simply an all-round perfect holiday destination! 

Our partner Shades of Green Safaris was founded in 2010 and is one of the leading incoming agencies / DMCs in Kenya and Tanzania. You can expect all the professional services of an experienced incoming agency in Tanzania: organisation of tailor-made tours and safaris for groups or FIT, cultural programmes, accommodation, guaranteed departure tours, air and train tickets and car rental. Choose from the many options for excursions in Tanzania such as sightseeing tours, package tours, holiday safaris, trekking, adventure tours and cultural tours. Your clients will get to know the country and its people thanks to first-class guides and tour leaders. Shades of Green Safaris puts together all-round carefree packages for your dream holiday in East Africa. 

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  • Contact point for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi - combine easily!
  • Offices in Arusha, Dar Es Salaam, Sansibar
  • 30 of their own 4x4 Safari/Land Cruisers
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Tanzania – Safari destination deluxe

Tanzania is truly an incomparable safari destination, and the statistics speak for themselves. A quarter of the country's land area is protected. The world-famous Serengeti National Park and the unimaginably large Selous Game Reserve form a species-rich mosaic of protected areas that together are home to an estimated 20 per cent of Africa's large mammal population.  Experience untouched wilderness and a variety of the world's most impressive animals up close on a safari through Tanzania in East Africa. 

The United Republic of Tanzania is the second largest economy in the East African Community and the twelfth largest in Africa. It borders Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda and Mozambique. Modern Tanzania was formed in 1964 by the merger of Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar.

As the largest country in East Africa, Tanzania is mountainous and heavily forested in the northeast. However, it is also partly home to Africa's three great lakes, viz.

  • Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, which stretches across the north and west of the country
  • Lake Tanganyika, the deepest lake in the world. It is famous for its unique fish species
  • Lake Nyasa, which lies in the southwest

The best time for game viewing in Tanzania is the dry season from late June to October. The best chance to see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is in June and July, and the time when the wildebeest calve is late January to February. The southern and western circle parks are best visited during the dry season (June to October), while the more popular northern circle parks can be visited all year round. Tarangire is the only exception, as game viewing is much better in the dry season.

Zanzibar - the Spice Islands and the Ultimate Indian Ocean Experience

The islands of Zanzibar were once ruled by sultans and slave traders and served as a stepping stone to the African continent for missionaries and explorers.

Today, this jewel in the Indian Ocean attracts visitors who want to discover the white sandy beaches, tropical forests and colourful coral reefs while staying at one of Zanzibar's high-end beach resorts.

Zanzibar and the nearby, little-known Pemba and Mafia Islands are separated from the mainland by a narrow strait and are also known as the Spice Islands. Stone Town on Zanzibar is a maze of winding streets lined with houses with magnificently carved, brass-framed doors. The islands are steeped in history and you can feel the mystique as you stroll through the bazaars and markets and marvel at the still grand architecture. If you are planning a visit to Zanzibar, a trip to Stone Town is a must.

The islands also have some of the best beaches in Africa and are the perfect place to relax after or before a safari. Zanzibar is also home to a family of giant tortoises imported from the Seychelles in the late 19th century. The island is ideal for a day trip and offers refreshments for your clients throughout the day. There is also a small restaurant where holidaymakers can enjoy freshly caught fish. Ras Nungwi is the capital of dhow building in Zanzibar, so you can see the traditional methods of dhow building in action. It's the perfect setting for lazy days eating fresh seafood, relaxing exploring villages and swimming in the crystal blue waters of this paradise island.

For this reason, Zanzibar is considered one of the most romantic honeymoon spots in the world. Many couples choose to tie the knot here and spend their first weeks as a married couple in this paradise.

To make Zanzibar one of the most popular destinations for a beach holiday, Shades of Green Safaris offers a few selected itineraries that perfectly capture the intensity of this paradise. You can book them as offered or have them customised to your liking. Contact us to find out more!

Tanzania & Zanzibar is waiting to be discovered. Find out what our incoming partners have in store for your clients!

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