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Aaron Halbritter

Sales Coordinator

Aaron Halbritter found his passion for travelling early on, a passion which would later lead him into tourism. A year of work & travel in New Zealand and then a great deal of private travel in Europe, Africa, Central America and Asia made it clear to him that he had to turn travel into a career. From travel agency and business travel as a dual student of tourism management, he found his way to STR Destination Handling in October 2022, where he is now completing his dual Master's degree in International Management. In his free time, fitness enthusiast Aaron plays football and basketball, does martial arts and, of course, still enjoys trips around the world. 

Aaron Halbritter is your contact for the following incoming partners:

Country Incoming-Agency / DMC
Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Global Air Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan
Costa Rica Quimbaya Latin America Costa Rica
Guatemala Quimbaya Latin America Guatemala
Mexico Quimbaya Latin America Mexico
Panama Quimbaya Latin America Panama
USA Go West Tours USA
Cuba Presencia Viajes Cuba
Argentina Quimbaya Latin America Argentina
Bolivia Quimbaya Latin America Bolivia
Brazil Quimbaya Latin America Brazil
Chile Quimbaya Latin America Chile
Colombia Quimbaya Latin America Colombia
Ecuador Quimbaya Latin America Ecuador
Peru Quimbaya Latin America Peru
Iran RAD Travel Iran
Italy Saistours Italy